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We are real estate investors from Sydney. We got started in real estate by purchasing investment homes and renting them out to a variety of tenants. Over time, we got to know these tenants, who came from different backgrounds.

It was through these contacts with short-term and long-term tenants that we sensed an unmet need in the real estate market. We discovered that people renting homes would really rather own their homes. However, they had difficulty obtaining financing usually due to insufficient deposit, bad credit or insufficient self-employed income shown on tax returns. Whatever the reason, these tenants just needed some time and a little out-of-the-ordinary assistance.

We began to advertise and quickly found out there were more people interested in leasing homes with the option to buy than there were available homes.

We developed a method to pre-qualify renters, found landlords interested in selling their homes on a Rent-to-Own basis and the idea took off.

Now, we have hundreds of potential tenant-buyers at any given time. We are looking for interested landlords like you!
Key to Martin’s success has been his drive for absolute perfection in order to provide his clients with unsurpassed customer experience. He was previously in financial planning industry, but always had an interest in real estate. Following his interest, he took classes and received his real estate license. He says: “Owning a home is the foundation of the Australian Dream. I thought that if I could help people sell their property and help tenants buy their home at the same time, real estate would be a very fulfilling career.” Martin has high goals for himself for the next few years, but is well on his way to achieving them. He is service oriented. “Many of my clients say no one was able to help us, and are so grateful when I step in and find them what they need. It is all about listening to their needs and really caring about the final outcome.” His clients truly appreciate his hard work.


 Joanna stands out amongst others in the industry due to her drive to be the best she can be. It is clear Joanna always puts others first, with her motto simply being to “treat others like you want to be treated.” She has a strong belief of doing everything possible to make her customers satisfied. “It makes my heart happy when my customers feel that I treat them right because that is exactly how I want them to feel.” She got her start as an accountant and quickly climbed the corporate ladder. She found that working with numbers was one of her strongest skills. But she soon discovered that loving to help other people is what really gives her the energy to go the extra mile. Joanna has strong feelings about education, and is always striving to learn more and teach others about her experiences. People who have worked with Joanna often cite her professionalism and the personalized attention they receive as two of the many things that give her a competitive advantage over others. In her spare time, Joanna enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children, taking walks on the beach, discovering new communities in the area and traveling.


Privacy Statement – We HATE Spam just as much as you. We will NEVER disclose your name, email address or any other personal information to third parties. We value your privacy and we will not abuse your trust and confidence. There is no pressure to buy your home ever. We are not solicitors or accountants and cannot provide you with any legal or accounting advice. We ask that you seek advice of a local solicitor and/or your accountant instead.

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