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Step 1: Fill Out the Contact Request on the Home Page

Let us know the best way to contact you and the specific address of the home you are considering to sell as Rent-to-Own.

Step 2: We will Contact You within 24 Hours

We will call you back within 24 hours to talk with you more about your interests, answer your questions and discuss how to move forward.

Step 3: Sign the Lease Option Open Agency Memo

You will need to sign the Lease Option Open Agency Memo when you decide to work with us. This agreement allows us to legally market and advertise your home, show it to prospective tenant-buyers and present offers on behalf of our tenant-buyers. This agreement is non-exclusive, meaning that if you (or your agent) lease or sell the property to someone you found on your own, there are no problems and you will not owe any fees or penalties. We are paid only when we find a qualified tenant-buyer that you approve of.

Step 4: Market your home

Professional marketing is conducted on more than 20 websites. We will also email blast your property to our growing database of prospective tenant-buyers. We have far more tenant-buyers than we have homes!

Step 5: Show your Home to Pre-Qualified Buyers

We will contact you to set up an appointment for a client who wishes to view your home. We will contact you with feedback after the walk-through.

Step 6: Present Offers to You

Offers made to you will be presented in professional manner. You decide whether to accept the offer and the tenant-buyer and with what terms.
This process may happen more quickly than you may expect. Our pre-qualified buyers are ready to buy and motivated to find the right home for themselves and their families.

Step 7: We Handle the Paperwork to Process the Sale

We take care of all of the paperwork necessary to sell your home as Rent-to-Own. You will meet with a solicitor to legally prepare documents.

Step 8: Payment Plan

We work with the tenant-buyer to set up a direct debit authorization of rent payments into your bank account and ensure the first payment processes appropriately. We are not involved in payments after this.

Step 7: Activate the Purchase Agreement

When it comes time for the buyer to purchase the home per the legal agreement, they usually seek financing through our mortgage broker who previously worked with them.


Privacy Statement – We HATE Spam just as much as you. We will NEVER disclose your name, email address or any other personal information to third parties. We value your privacy and we will not abuse your trust and confidence. There is no pressure to buy your home ever. We are not solicitors or accountants and cannot provide you with any legal or accounting advice. We ask that you seek advice of a local solicitor and/or your accountant instead.

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